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Temples In Kamakura

Kamakura, Japan

Temples in Kamakura

If you want to see the historical buildings and temples, Kamakura is the best spot near by Tokyo. Kamakura was once the capital of Japan, and it was the fist government opened by Shogun. All the sprits and mind of "Samurai" were born and expanded from this Old City. Those Samurai Spirits are deeply related with Temples and Buddhism. There are many temples still keep the original shape and precept since the period when the Samura Spirits was born. Kamakura temples are the real witness of the long and rich history especially with Samurai. Kamakura is not the city where has many temples , it is where the real Samurai Spirits exist in those temples. There are Hokokuji Temple, Enkakuji Enkakuji, Myohonji Enkakuji etc. in Kamakura.

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