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Takamatsuzuka Tomb.

Nara, Japan

Takamatsuzuka tomb

This tomb is thought to have been built at some time between the end of the 7th century and the beginning of the 8th century. It was accidentally discovered by a local farmer in the 1960s by a farmer digging a hole. Soon after, the Kashihara Archaeological Institute conducted an excavation and revealed an elaborate crypt of about 2.5 cubic meters, with painting on the walls and valuable artefacts. It is still not known for whom the tomb was built, but it must have been someone of considerable importance.
The tomb is maintained by the national government and is located in a medium sized park that has a number of attractive paths. Visitors can only view the tomb from outside, as great pains are being taken to preserve the paintings within. Nonetheless, the experience of entering the tomb can be closely simulated by entering the Takamatsuzuka Mural Hall, where recreations of the tomb and its paintings are displayed, as well as some of the actual articles found at the site.
Access: From JR Kyoto to Nara, then to Kintetsu Asuka Station, then walking.

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