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Shinjuku (nightlife)

Tokyo, Japan

Shinjuku nightlife   

Kabukicho is a red-light district off Yasukuni-dori Avenue, accessible from the Kabukicho or Shinjuku Kuyakusho-mae (Shinjuku Ward Office) intersections. Kabukicho is the setting for much of Natsuo Kirino's novel Out - a dark tale of Tokyo despair. Kabukicho is renowned for its thousands of hostess bars and its numerous love hotels. Though yakuza are out and about here and (mostly African) touts can get in your face, it is safe enough even at night, and plenty enough restaurants and bars that cater to every taste to keep you from having to wander for too long. However, it pays to be cautious. As with anywhere seedy, the naive and unwary are easily ripped off. Watch a YouTube video of Kabukicho to get some idea of your surroundings. You should not walk drunken here.

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