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Mount Unzen

Nagasaki, Japan

Mount Unzen (Unzendake) is an active volcano at the center of the Shimabara Peninsula, which has erupted several times in the last few hundred years with deadly results. The most recent eruption occurred from 1990-1996 when pyroclastic flows (superheated volcanic gases) and mudslides raced down the mountain towards Shimabara City, destroying buildings along the way. One of the pyroclastic flows killed several scientists, journalists and their drivers who tried to document the event.
Unzen is directly connected by bus to Shimabara (50 minutes, 830 yen, hourly departures), Isahaya (90 minutes, 1350 yen, hourly departures) and Nagasaki (100 minutes, 1800 yen, infrequent departures).

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